Here at SpeedSpec, we do things a little differently.

We want to be welcoming. It doesn’t matter if you obsessively follow each and every new product reveal or not, if you share our interests even just a bit, then you’re welcome to hang around. SpeedSpec will bring you coverage of a different flavour; coverage that leans towards the man on the street and the things he sees. Of course, you’ll still get the expensive toys everyone likes to dream about, but what we want to do is take the perspective of a curious enthusiast, attention grabbed by the things encountered on the streets. We’ll give you the familiar, with a very healthy dose of the unfamiliar to keep things interesting.

We like to like everything. Or at least, we try to; some things just test our tolerance a little too much. But for the most part we try to like everything. What we don’t like, we respect, because everything has a story that is worth sharing.

Yes, you’ll still get the glitzy product launches and overhead-lit shows, but in addition to that you’ll get the less-considered options. We don’t believe in exclusionary jargon and exclusionary attitudes, because good things are usually better when shared.

Here at SpeedSpec, we keep our minds open, our eyes peeled and our hearts eager. You never know what you’ll find around the corner, but if it’s something interesting, you’ll find it on our pages.

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