PIMS 2014: Deutsch Opulenz

While Honda, Toyota and Mitsubishi displayed futuristic concepts in their areas, there was nothing of that sort going on around the German manufacturers. Perhaps unwittingly playing to the national stereotype, the Germans decided to approach PIMS 2014 firmly from the present, eschewing fanciful concepts in favour of fully-loaded versions of their showroom offerings. Here we take a look at Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

(Warning, slightly long read ahead.)


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PIMS 2014: Postcards From the Future

While Kia and Suzuki were trumpeting the sports each had decided to sponsor and Nissan was touting their sporting history, a trio of Japanese marqued played to PIMS 2014’s theme perfectly, augmenting their crop of current production vehicles with their respective visions of the future of motoring.


Waku doki? Waku doki.

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PIMS 2014: Sports and Beauty

Leaving the icon exhibit at the 5th Philippine International Motor Show was presented some difficulty. The organisers – CAMPI – had seen fit to introduce the show with Philippine motoring icons, and it wasn’t particularly easy to turn away from their compelling choices. If you are, however, still unsure about the choice of icons, then perhaps entering the show floor will provide part of the answer.


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The Icon Exhibit at PIMS 2014

A four day show sponsored by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers in the Philippines, Inc., the 5th Philippine International Motor Show is a little bit more specialist than the other car shows we have on the calendar. Instead of just a show where manufacturers and the aftermarket come in to show off their latest offering, PIMS 2014 is turned towards the future of the Philippine motoring industry, and the future of motoring in general. Sure, there were the usual unveils and special discounts, but the show program also included talks and presentations on high-tech, high-sustainability motoring.


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Opening PIMS 2014

On the 18th of September, the doors of the Philippine World Trade Center opened to welcome hordes of car enthusiasts, their families and their cars to the 5th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS). Staged by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. – better known as CAMPI – seventeen vehicle manufacturers and distributors brought together quite a selection of cars and technology for all to behold.

CAMPI opens 5th PIMS with Senator Bam Aquino_photo2

Of course, great big shows always start off with a great big opening ceremony.

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168 Car Show

Part of 168 Empire Corp’s festivities for the 168 EC-Drift and Motor Show was a small car show. If ever the audience tired of the drifting – yeah, right, as if that was possible – two rows of about twenty cars were lined up just beside the run up into the drift course for ogling.


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TransSport 2014 Part Five

We last cut off our TSS 2014 coverage of a European group of cars with the Michel Seven, which takes its inspiration from the classic Lotus Seven of 1953. Today we start with the last two cars in that group.

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TransSport 2014 Part Four

For the most part, the cars of TSS 2014 seemed to have no discernible logic of arrangement to them. All the Mustangs from the previous two posts were scattered among the other cars, and the MGBs from the first post were sat behind a Montero, Innova and Fortuner each. Then again, this does encourage foot traffic, and helps eliminate people spending too much time in one area of the show floor, as there’s always something at the corner of your eye worth looking at.

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TransSport 2014 Part Three

In the last installment of our TransSport 2014 coverage, we ended with a couple of exciting prototypes from Factor Aurelio, as they set out on a journey to build the first all-Filipino supercar. Today we start off with an American automotive institution: the Ford Mustang, and there were a lot of them at TransSport 2014.

transshow 51

Ready to run.

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TransSport 2014 Part Two

While SMX is a much smaller venue than the Philippine World Trade Center, there’s still a lot of space for a good number of cars to be shown. Besides, with the lack of manufacturer presence, the quality of the cars on show will most certainly make up for the smaller numbers.

transshow 36

Try cutting this off.

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