PIMS 2014: Postcards From the Future

While Kia and Suzuki were trumpeting the sports each had decided to sponsor and Nissan was touting their sporting history, a trio of Japanese marqued played to PIMS 2014’s theme perfectly, augmenting their crop of current production vehicles with their respective visions of the future of motoring.


Waku doki? Waku doki.

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When Automakers Dream

When an automaker dreams, it isn’t like the dreams you and I have, where we are the sole witnesses and whatever we can tell anyone else is just a poor reconstruction of a quickly fading memory. When an automaker dreams, usually it’s rendered solid, so people can catch a glimpse, and whatever you see is the same thing everyone else sees. A concept car, then, is an invitation from automakers to share in their dream, to share in their philosophy of aesthetic, or their philosophy of development.


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