The Civic Transformation: Clutch Work

The idea of a project car is endlessly exciting: you start with something a little ordinary, with a grand vision of what it will eventually become, and work towards that goal. Perhaps along the way plans and tastes change, or the vagaries of life force you to take different action, so in the end your project car may not turn out the way you originally imagined, or may remain unfinished altogether. One thing is for sure though, once you turn a car into a project, there will be considerable stretches of time where your car is undriveable.

Which is why my Civic has yet to undergo any major work. I need a reliable daily driver right now, aside from the fact that I want to see what surprises the previous owners left for me to discover.

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The Civic Transformation Part 1: Search, Acquisition and Current State

I have always had a thing for tidy little two-doors. Coupe, hatchback or roadster, as long as it had clean lines and pretty proportions, I wanted to drive it. Unfortunately, we here in the Philippines weren’t exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to small two-doors. For reasons beyond me, auto manufacturers seem to look at the Philippines primarily as a four-doors-and-up market, with new two-seaters priced above the means of many.

History, of course, remembers the two-doors that were sold in the Philippines. Most people have fond memories of the “Macho” Corona and the liftback KE70 Corollas, and “Pizza” Lancer coupes are still plentiful. One two-door that’s always been a favourite of mine is Honda’s EG-series hatchbacks. You know, the one with no grille and is most commonly found slammed with fart can exhausts setting off car alarms left and right. Continue reading