Down Goes the Green Flag!

Welcome to SpeedSpec!

Things that are good usually become better when shared, and it’s no different with cars and gadgets. Well maybe just the cars, because sharing gadgets isn’t a particularly advisable activity depending on what the gadget in question is. Cars are nice to share though, especially on long drives with good friends. They’re even nicer to share when your friends are car lovers as well, know how to turn a wrench, and you’re trying to chase down a mechanical gremlin.

That is what SpeedSpec is about: taking the world of cars and gadgets, which can be a bit exclusionary sometimes, and sharing it with a wider audience. Yes, we’ll still get into what 270-degree lift cams are and why they are great, but we’ll also take a look at more sensible rides, rides that will start daily no matter what the conditions are and don’t really need any customisation beyond sounds and wheels. We’ll bring you the latest and greatest in devices for you to drool over, and we’ll help you find something on a budget, plus all the options you might not have considered in between.

SpeedSpec will also bring you glimpses of Philippine car culture that most people don’t get to see or pay attention to. Cars that motor by unnoticed maybe because they don’t fit a certain criteria, or because nobody’s thought to look at them before, or because the era they point to came long before the Internet. This is car culture not by those who make the trends, but by those who simply love cars.

The green flag has come down, but we won’t be racing along. There’ll be lots of stops along the way, but it’s sure to be fun!

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– Kristoff