World VW Day Philippines: Bits and Pieces

While many Volkswagens lined the parade grounds, I was also a little surprised  – although in retrospect this should have been expected – to find that there were also Volkswagens up on one side of the grandstands.


The caveat being that you had to put them back together first.
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The People’s Car: World VW Day Philippines, Part 2

By 1934, Ferdinand Porsche already had around three decades of experience designing cars, and chief among his early work is the Lohner-Porsche Mixte gas/electric hybrid. While an absolute commercial failure – no doubt the technology available at the time could not keep up with the concept – Porsche did manage to sell a few copies, so there was proof that the engineering was solid.

So when Adolf Hitler conceived of a car for the people in 1934, Porsche was called forth to engineer it. I would wager though, that neither men even thought that their collaboration – Hitler provided the machinery, Porsche provided the engineering – would come to be so long for this world.


The revival.

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MIAS 2014: The Final Hall, Part Two

We ended the first half of our overage of MIAS 2014’s final hall with the King Spyder, a grey homebrew convertible built out of a Civic with a mishmash of parts from other vehicles.

In this part we’ll explore the other half of the hall, filled mostly with vintage Japanese iron plus a few eccentric occidentals.

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MIAS 2014: The Final Hall, Part One

“Save the best for last”, as people usually go. Well, the organisers of MIAS 2014 decided to try their hand at it, filling the final hall of the show with cars that gently burn themselves into your memory. Some of them are surprising examples of cars you see on a daily basis, some of them have never been seen on these shores, and at least one of them are sure to draw colourful opinions.

MIAS 162

Not a Maserati.

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