PIMS 2014: Postcards From the Future

While Kia and Suzuki were trumpeting the sports each had decided to sponsor and Nissan was touting their sporting history, a trio of Japanese marqued played to PIMS 2014’s theme perfectly, augmenting their crop of current production vehicles with their respective visions of the future of motoring.


Waku doki? Waku doki.

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Dependable Fun with the Classic Toyota Club, Part 2

When we last left the Classic Toyota club, we ended with a hot little red first-generation Celica coupe. Today we start with another one, this time with a much more custom vibe.


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Counterclockwise: The Time-Warp Lancer

Pop quiz: How easy is it to find a perfect 1936 Delahaye 135M Figoni et Falaschi Competition Coupe? Very. All one has to do is board a plane to Tennessee and head for the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. Rare cars like the 135M can easily be found in perfect condition; for such cars, no restoration will ever cost more than their value. But what if you went looking for a showroom-fresh Box Type Lancer today? Well, you’d probably be looking for a long time, much longer than you would spend on the Delahaye. Probably, but not today.

time warp 41

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the most perfectly factory-fresh Box Type Lancer in current existence.

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A Father’s Legacy: Rust Production’s Sunrise Run 2014

Most fathers I know strive to leave a legacy for their children. I know mine does, and while I’m not sure what exactly that is, one of which I can be sure of is the love of all things on four wheels. As it turns out, there’s a car club in Laguna that was built on the same kind of legacy, given form through old iron handed down to young blood. On the day before Father’s Day, we were lucky enough to be invited to join them as they rose with the sun for their second Sunrise Run.

Rust Production Sunrise Run

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Fun With Seven Seats

SUVs (sport utility vehicles)┬áhave become a common sight on Philippine roads. It seems that drivers who just want something nice to drive have gone from the premium sedans of yore to the SUVs of today. It isn’t difficult to see why, as the extra ride height makes one feel more confident on the road, and all that suspension travel and sidewall height means rough roads and unpaved trails to vacation paradises don’t present as much of a problem. Sure, you might say that SUVs with their high centre of gravity and long suspension travel are no fun to drive, but the Montero Sport makes a pretty good case for itself.

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MIAS 2014 Favourites

While MIAS 2014 had a massive array of cars on display, only a few stood out from the rest, at least from a personal perspective. Ford may have had the biggest display, and some of the vintage cars may be the most pristine examples, but some of my favourites stood without the fancy lights and obsessive restorations.

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