PIMS 2014: Sports and Beauty

Leaving the icon exhibit at the 5th Philippine International Motor Show was presented some difficulty. The organisers – CAMPI – had seen fit to introduce the show with Philippine motoring icons, and it wasn’t particularly easy to turn away from their compelling choices. If you are, however, still unsure about the choice of icons, then perhaps entering the show floor will provide part of the answer.


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MIAS 2014: The Main Show Floor, Part Three

In the last two installments of our MIAS 2014 coverage, we brought you the three biggest exhibitors of the show and the exhibitor with the biggest sticker price.

In this installment we bring you the smaller manufacturer exhibitors at the show, notably the Chinese presence.

JMC. Pseudo-Isuzu logo, pseuo-GMC name.

JMC. Pseudo-Isuzu logo, pseudo-GMC name.

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The Power to Surprise

…goes Kia’s new tagline. I forget what their old one was, but it might have gone something like “Long warranties”.

The Pride never did much for Kia’s reputation in the Philippines. Designed by Mazda on a Ford budget, the Pride/121/Fiesta had solid engineering behind it. Unfortunately Kia was at the time trying to stave off bankruptcy by cutting all the costs, so what we got was a shoddily-built, “good enough” band aid of a car that couldn’t stand up to taxi duties as well as the competition.

Optima 1

That was over a decade ago. Freshly released on the Philippine market, what you see above is what Kia makes now, and is the reason why the rattling Pride must finally be laid to rest. Continue reading