PIMS 2014: Sports and Beauty

Leaving the icon exhibit at the 5th Philippine International Motor Show was presented some difficulty. The organisers – CAMPI – had seen fit to introduce the show with Philippine motoring icons, and it wasn’t particularly easy to turn away from their compelling choices. If you are, however, still unsure about the choice of icons, then perhaps entering the show floor will provide part of the answer.


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The Icon Exhibit at PIMS 2014

A four day show sponsored by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers in the Philippines, Inc., the 5th Philippine International Motor Show is a little bit more specialist than the other car shows we have on the calendar. Instead of just a show where manufacturers and the aftermarket come in to show off their latest offering, PIMS 2014 is turned towards the future of the Philippine motoring industry, and the future of motoring in general. Sure, there were the usual unveils and special discounts, but the show program also included talks and presentations on high-tech, high-sustainability motoring.


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Opening PIMS 2014

On the 18th of September, the doors of the Philippine World Trade Center opened to welcome hordes of car enthusiasts, their families and their cars to the 5th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS). Staged by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. – better known as CAMPI – seventeen vehicle manufacturers and distributors brought together quite a selection of cars and technology for all to behold.

CAMPI opens 5th PIMS with Senator Bam Aquino_photo2

Of course, great big shows always start off with a great big opening ceremony.

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