PIMS 2014: Deutsch Opulenz

While Honda, Toyota and Mitsubishi displayed futuristic concepts in their areas, there was nothing of that sort going on around the German manufacturers. Perhaps unwittingly playing to the national stereotype, the Germans decided to approach PIMS 2014 firmly from the present, eschewing fanciful concepts in favour of fully-loaded versions of their showroom offerings. Here we take a look at Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

(Warning, slightly long read ahead.)


We’ll start with Volkswagen, since they had the most people milling about. Continue reading

TransSport 2014 Part Four

For the most part, the cars of TSS 2014 seemed to have no discernible logic of arrangement to them. All the Mustangs from the previous two posts were scattered among the other cars, and the MGBs from the first post were sat behind a Montero, Innova and Fortuner each. Then again, this does encourage foot traffic, and helps eliminate people spending too much time in one area of the show floor, as there’s always something at the corner of your eye worth looking at.

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